LHT strives to be your preferred wire brush supplier

LHT strives<br/>to be<br/>your preferred wire brush supplier

With more than 20 years of accumulated experience in the industry, LHT has maintained stable and long-term cooperation with many domestic and foreign enterprises.

01. Docking and communication

Docking and communication

Understand the needs of customers.

02. Testing of samples from customers

Testing of samples from customers

Samples sent by customers: analysis of material, wire diameter, corrugation and other parameters

03. Confirmation of samples sent

Confirmation of samples sent

Produce samples according to customers' samples or select similar samples and send them to customers for confirmation

Confirmation of production and delivery dates

Confirmation of production and delivery dates

Confirm order and production cycle with

05. Arrange production

Arrange production

Orders are delivered to the production department for production planning

06. Quality inspection for warehousing

Quality inspection for warehousing

Warehouse entry after passing quality inspection

07. Arrange shipping

Arrange shipping

carefully selected logistics, safe and secure transportation

Customer acceptance

Customer acceptance

Timely return visit about the use of the product after customers receive the goods



Maintain long-term contact with customers and deal with various after-sales issues in a timely manner